Female Power Weekend

Feel the Magic of Female Dancehall and set Yourself and Your Sexuality freeIn a Space created BY Women FOR Women

Warm Up Friday 26.08.2022 

Female Dancehall with Veronica, Emma and Amalie18.00-19.00: Female Foundation, Booty- and Waistline Tecnique

19.15-20.30: Female Steps and Choreography

Sunday 28.08.2022 15.30-17.00

Female Dancehall with Mama Blazzaz(Jamaica)!
First time in Denmark

Location : Game Streetmekka, Enghavevej 82D, 2450 Copenhagen SV

Full Weekend: 400dkr

Workshop Mama Blazzaz: 300krWorkshop Veronica, Emma & Amalie: 200kr

Sign Up: Send email to info@worlddance.academy