Dancehall Unity Camp WEEKEND EDITION 2023

4-5 november 2023

Once again we’re bringing you Jamaican culture ! A weekend full of real Jamaican street vibez, crazy energy and of course a lot of Dancehall with some of the best dancers and teachers from Jamaica and Europe. GET READY FOR MADNESS! You don’t wanna miss this!
Dancehall Unity Camp is organized by the founder and CEO of Rifical Team – Sri Lanka – in collaboration with World Dance Academy & Vuvuzela Dance Community. So use this opportunity to support and give back to the Jamaican culture and dancers.
LOCATION: GAME Streetmekka [Enghavevej 82D, 2450 Copenhagen SV]
Saturday, November 4 
11.00-12.15 » Johanna Enough [SE]
12.45-14.15 » Tev Immortal [JA]
14.30-15.45 » Shorty Dancershine [JA]
Sunday, November 5
11.00-12.15 » Joan Gringesho [FR] 
12.45-14.15 » Famous [JA]
14.30-15.45 » Rifical Team: Sri Lanka, Gage & TG [JA]
1 class » 300 DKK / 40 EUR
1 day pass » 600 DKK / 80 EUR
Full pass » 1100 DKK / 150 EUR
Sign up by sending your payment to Vuvuzela Dance via MobilePay at 36346. For a single class please add the teachers name in the message box. For one day pass, please add the day in the message box. If you don’t have MobilePay please contact us at for other payment options.